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Consolidated Income Statement

for the period from October 1 to September 30 (IFRS)

in € thousandNote12 months 2019/2012 months
Changes in inventories of finished goods and work in process2117,996173,080
Own work capitalized322,51719,992
Other operating income433,40761,995
Cost of materials5-11,198,139-10,928,470
Gross profit 1,404,3231,223,653
Personnel expenses6-552,572-504,986
Depreciation of property, plant, and equipment and amortization of intangible assets7-209,826-140,000
Other operating expenses8-266,333-303,754
Operational result (EBIT) 375,592274,913
Result from investments measured using the equity method96,4554,764
Interest income106,6793,932
Interest expense10-18,832-20,292
Other financial income1188407
Other financial expenses11-2,659-31
Earnings before taxes (EBT) 367,323263,693
Income taxes12-101,960-70,987
Consolidated net income 265,363192,706
Consolidated net income attributable to Aurubis AG shareholders13265,172192,578
Consolidated net income attributable to non-controlling interests13191128
Basic earnings per share (in €) 5.954.28
Diluted earnings per share (in €) 5.954.28

Prior-year figures retrospectively adjusted due to the reclassification of Segment FRP.

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