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Consolidated Cash Flow Statement

for the period from October 1 to September 30 (IFRS)

in € thousand12 months 2019/2012 months
Earnings before taxes367,323263,693
Depreciation and amortization of fixed assets (including impairment losses or reversals)209,653133,665
Change in allowances on receivables and other assets1,261378
Change in non-current provisions1,2002,736
Net gains/losses on disposal of fixed assets2,23032,123
Measurement of derivatives15,96717,467
Other non-cash items6,3144,589
Expenses and income included in the financial result8,26911,220
Income taxes received/paid-64,099-67,006
Gross cash flow548,118398,865
Change in receivables and other assets-49,149-15,969
Change in inventories (including measurement effects)-344,988-33,227
Change in current provisions23,6758,501
Change in liabilities (excluding financial liabilities)281,283-86,496
Cash inflow from operating activities (net cash flow)458,939271,674
Payments for investments in fixed assets-229,955-221,481
Payments for the acquisition of shares in affiliated companies less cash acquired-332,2130
Payments from the take-up of loans granted by third parties-5,3590
Proceeds from the disposal of fixed assets3281,592
Interest received6,6793,932
Dividends received4,8888,080
Cash outflow from investing activities-555,631-207,877
Proceeds deriving from the take-up of financial liabilities411,124144,464
Payments for the redemption of bonds and financial liabilities-162,953-160,219
Acquisition of treasury shares-39,2880
Interest paid-15,996-16,193
Dividends paid-56,386-69,828
Cash outflow from financing activities136,501-101,776
Net change in cash and cash equivalents39,808-37,979
Changes resulting from movements in exchange rates-205217
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period441,461479,223
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period481,064441,461

Prior-year figures retrospectively adjusted due to the reclassification of Segment FRP.

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