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5-year Overview

Aurubis Group (IFRS)

Revenues€ million12,42911,89711,6949,8809,475
EBITDA€ million585415502545312
Operating EBITDA 1€ million415359462440358
EBIT€ million376275369424177
Operating EBIT 1€ million223208332308229
EBT€ million367264368408159
Operating EBT 1, 2€ million221192329298213
Consolidated net income€ million265193294318124
Operating consolidated net income 1€ million167138265236165
Net cash flow€ million459272203480239
Capital expenditure (incl. finance leases)€ million237224182175143
Operating ROCE 2%9.38.615.015.110.9
Consolidated statement of financial position      
Total assets€ million5,5344,5354,5034,3614,027
Fixed assets€ million1,9041,5601,5281,4891,450
Depreciation and amortization€ million210140133121135
Equity€ million2,8512,5982,5662,3661,991
Aurubis shares      
Market capitalization€ million2,6141,8382,7083,0812,242
Earnings per share5.954.286.527.802.71
Operating earnings per share 13.733.085.875.213.64
Dividend per share 31.301.251.551.451.25

1 Values have been “operationally” adjusted for measurement effects deriving from the application of IAS 2. In consequence, metal price fluctuations resulting from the use of the average cost method, as well as non-permanent write-downs or write-ups of metal inventory values as at the reporting date, are eliminated. Adjustments are also made for reporting date-related effects deriving from market valuations of metal derivatives that haven’t been realized, which concern the main metal inventories at our smelter sites. Furthermore, items of property, plant, and equipment included in fixed assets have been adjusted for measurement impacts deriving from purchase price allocations from FY 2010/11 onwards.
2 Corporate control parameter.
3 The 2019/20 figure represents the proposed dividend.

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